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Uncle Mo's Tackle

Slider Rig 6/0 Circle Hook Surf, Beach & Boat Fishing

Slider Rig 6/0 Circle Hook Surf, Beach & Boat Fishing

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Slider Rig 6/0 Circle Hook Surf, Beach & Boat Fishing
  • Perfect for targeting striped bass and other saltwater species, off the boat or on the beach. These rigs offer unparalleled versatility for all your fishing adventures.
  • UMT Slider Rigs come with high-quality 6/0 inline circle hooks. These hooks will significantly increase your success rate and are striped bass compliant.
  • Thanks to their heavy-duty construction, UMT Braid Friendly Sinker Slide resist damage from braided lines. Fishing line passes through a plastic housing and a weight connects to the duo lock snap. A sliding sinker rig allows you to detect the slightest bite without spooking finicky fish.
  • 4ft, 60lb Monofilament leader, these rigs offer unparalleled strength and durability. Perfect for the rigorous demands of saltwater fishing, they withstand the toughest battles with the most stubborn fish.
  • Essential Fishing Tool: Whether you're planning a fishing adventure or heading out on a spontaneous trip, Uncle Mo's Tackle Slider Rigs are your reliable fishing companion. Experience the thrill of saltwater fishing like never before with our premium slider rigs.
  • 1,5 & 10-Pack Slider Rig 6/0 Circle Hook for Striped Bass - Uncle Mo's Tackle Saltwater Fishing Gear - Robust Slider, 4ft 60lb Monofilament Leader for Surf, Beach & Boat Fishing
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